Top 5 Questions – When Discovering a Loved One Needs Drug and Alcohol Rehab

drug and alcohol rehab

1. What do I do if my loved one is addicted?

For any family member or loved one of a drug addict, discovering the person is in need of help can be an overwhelming time. By taking action on their own, a loved one could drive the drug user further into their addiction, or cause the addict to isolate from people close to them. For those who know someone needs help with drug or alcohol addiction, but don’t know how to get them to agree to attend drug rehab facilities, the first step is to consult with a treatment referral specialist by calling (888) 254-0041.

2. How do I find drug rehab today?

Finding a drug rehab is not a simple as searching for “drug rehab near me.” For many individuals, finding a rehab for addiction can include hours of phone calls back and forth to drug rehab facilities and insurance companies. You could have a drug rehab in your city, and still experience a delay in finding inpatient drug rehab Texas, with vacancies. It is sadly not as simple as just checking into to a place down the street, like a local hospital for instance. The reality is most drug rehab facilities have different approval processes and insurance contracts, so trying to find drug rehab today, can often result in a waiting game. And as we all know, when an addict needs help, waiting is not wise. Taking immediate actions towards being admitted into rehab is imperative as soon as someone suffering from addiction reaches out. At Texas Drug Rehabs, not only do we have a relationship with inpatient drug rehab Texas, but we also work with Drug rehab facilities nationwide. A simple 15-minute call on our Texas Rehab Hotline (888) 254-0041, can save you hours of drug rehab research and get you approved to attend rehab immediately.

When contacting Texas Drug Rehabs for an assessment, our team will review your circumstances, drug use or mental health symptoms and insurance coverage. This process only takes about an hour. If you need drug rehab today, our service can help you expedite the process so you get approved at drug rehab facilities fast!

3. Do drug rehab facilities take someone against their will?

The answer to this is no. Any long-term and licensed drug rehab facilities will need the patient to be willing to get help. For many families, when a loved one is struggling and not ready to get help, the best strategy is to make a plan with a treatment expert or interventionist to work together to get the addict safely into rehab.

If a person, however, is displaying mental health issues or symptoms such as:

  • Drug-Induced Psychosis
  • Mania
  • Delusions
  • Paranoia
  • Rage/Aggression

These individuals may need to be evaluated by a crisis unit to determine if a psychiatric stabilization is necessary. Whenever an individual becomes a threat to themselves or others as a result of drug addiction or mental health issues, learning if it is safe for them to travel to and attend a rehab facility is a top priority. If the afflicted individual is not of a rational mind to make decisions for themselves, sometimes a crisis unit or psychiatric hold could be a beneficial step towards long-term healing. For individuals seeking long-term rehab after being in a behavioral health unit, or psychiatric setting, please contact us to find suitable options. Many long-term rehabs will also include a medical detox, psychiatric stabilization, and even crisis advice.

4. Is a Heroin Treatment Center covered by insurance?

Yes, depending on the Heroin Treatment Center you are applying at, some can be fully covered by insurance. The first step in the process of getting your heroin treatment center covered by insurance is to review your insurance policy with us. Heroin detox with medical supervision, as well as long-term heroin addiction rehab, can all be provided and covered by most insurance plans. To find a heroin treatment center near you, or the best heroin rehab nationwide, covered with your insurance, please call us at (888) 254-0041 for an insurance review.

HMO and PPO Insurance accepted

  • BCBS
  • Blue Cross
  • Aetna
  • Cigna
  • United Healthcare
  • Tricare
  • Humana
  • Most PPO plans accepted **

**Most PPO insurance plans allow the member to travel out of state for drug rehab, alcohol rehab or heroin treatment at an Out of Network location**

5. Is it best to wait for the addict to become willing to get help to take action?

Absolutely not!  We hear a lot of people say things like “What’s the point, my son isn’t willing to get help” or “We can’t force them to go to treatment.”

While these statements may be true, what we all must understand is heroin addiction, drug addiction, and even alcoholism are potent addictions. If we wait around for an addict to choose to become healthy, the fact is most addicts will never make that choice. Whether you believe drug addiction is a disease or a choice, either way, the people suffering from addiction are not in a rational mind frame to make the best decisions for themselves. Most addicts will steal, lie, cheat and even break the law to support their addiction. So family and loved ones that support the addict must unite and work with professionals to establish a recovery plan and intervene.

For information about Intervening in a loved ones addiction, the process of drug intervention, or crisis evaluations, please contact us.

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