2018 FY Budget Reduces Funds for Battling Substance Abuse

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Finding Affordable Drug Rehab Centers is Becoming More Difficult

While the United States of America is feeling the full effect of the Opioid epidemic, and drug abuse as a whole, funding for the National Institue on Drug Abuse is being reduced.

The funding made available for the FY 2018 budget is over $200,000,000 less than the previous year, and lowest amount of funding in the last four years. This comes as a shock as many in the drug rehabilitation industry is struggling to provide cost-effective solutions to addicts looking for help. Year by year the costs of the best drug rehab centers seems to increase. Many individuals with healthcare are finding that their health insurance, even some PPO or private insurance policies leave them owing in the range of 25% to 50% of their treatment costs. Even with hundreds of millions of dollars in the budget year after year to study and regulate drugs, the cost of rehab for the average taxpayer is largely not the focus of receiving government assistance or acknowledgment.

How to find affordable drug rehab centers?

Individuals wanting to send a loved one to, or attend one of the Top Rehab centers in America should expect to pay up to $100,000.00 per month even with insurance. Typically the lower cost options or options fully covered by insurance, force the individual to go to a treatment program In Network, which reduces their ability to choose the type of medical care they want without having to pay excessive fees out of pocket.

After being in the rehab industry for decades, even our helpline representatives see an increase in the number of insurance policies with very high deductibles or out of pocket costs. It seems while Obamacare led to many being able to purchase insurance they didn’t previously have, the new policies either lack the proper coverage for a top inpatient rehab or demand up to 60% of the funds be paid by the member. The only way to find top-level and affordable drug rehab centers is to work with an expert who is in the industry and can shop around for the best available prices on a drug rehab stay.

Drug Rehabilitation Centers in Texas

While our team focuses primarily on Drug Rehabilitation Centers in Texas, due to the policies offering less and less coverage for their members, we have expanded to offer nationwide and affordable drug rehab centers. Most people seeking insurance are wanting to use their insurance (HMO or PPO) to get the most coverage for drug rehab possible. So with this in mind, our helpline will assist you in comparing your insurance plan at many of the top rehab centers all at the same time. By doing this, the best coverage and lowest out of pocket costs are available at some of the best drug rehab centers. To read more about using insurance for rehab, please click here.

Don’t get discouraged by the cost of 30-day rehab, or lack of insurance coverage. Calling our team is FREE and can help you guarantee the best prices and insurance coverage for rehab.

For a FREE Evaluation: Call 1-888-254-0041.

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