The Best Drug Rehab Treatment Facilities in Texas

For individuals looking into Texas drug rehab near me, there are many options to consider. Typically we offer -Heroin, Alcohol,Christian,Inpatient,Opioid treatment in Dallas and both Texas residents or out of state inquirers. Regardless of your situation, we work with some of the best treatment facilities available and will walk you through the task of selecting the best

Treatment Selection

Texas Drug Rehab

Assistance Locating for Drug Rehab in Texas - 888-254-0041

Our rehab hotline is here to assist you with locating the best drug and alcohol rehab for your needs. We will review your insurance coverage, symptoms, drug history and provide referrals that will meet your high level of standards. If you are going through a drug detox crisis and need professional help, we can help you get admitted into a drug rehab or same day detox program to you on call. During your assessment with our helpline team, we will need the following information to help you get the best options for Drug Rehab.
  • Drug use history  or relevant Medical History
  • Insurance Information
  • Treatment Goals
  • Family or support structures information
Our drug rehab advisers will review your information and help you and your family select the best plan for admission into one of the best Rehab treatment in the USA. Please plan on speaking to our helpline for about 20-30 minutes minimum on your first phone call to begin the rehabs evaluation process. If you need help planning travel to rehab, or help from a certified drug interventionist, please let us know so we can make the best drug rehab selection possible.
Texas Drug Rehabs

Learning to Live a Drug-Free lifestyle with Texas Drug Rehab

It’s important that the goal of a drug and alcohol rehab be to offer lasting recovery from substance abuse. Going to rehab itself does not ensure long-term success. Embracing a treatment program that is in line with your beliefs and treatment philosophy is important. With so many varying treatment philosophies and treatment options available near me at Texas drug rehabs, our helpline team can help you identify your best choices.

Good Treatment Price Options at Texas Drug Rehabs

Texas Dual Diagnosis Rehab – These programs are recommended for individuals with both substance abuse and mental health issues. In some cases, an individual could be diagnosed as dual diagnosis upon psychiatric assessment. Many people in this condition require psychiatric medication treatment, so it’s important the Texas drug rehab you select offers medical oversight and dual diagnosis treatment. Texas Drug and Alcohol Rehab – Drug and alcohol addiction claim the lives of over 100,000 addicts per year. Overdose (especially with opioids) is seeing rapid increases in casualties each year. To combat this opioid epidemic, Texas drug rehab have been expanding, and new rehab locations are frequently opening. To choose wisely, it is recommended you seek out rehab programs with proper licensing or accreditation. Our helpline team can help discuss the the best Drug and Alcohol Rehab price options with you.

Qualifications of Our Drug Rehab Treatment Center

State Licensed – any drug rehab you consider should be state licensed. Accreditation – being accredited through organizations such as CARF or JCAHO can help you have additional trust in our drug rehab. These certification organizations ensure the rehab has met a higher level of standards when it comes to staffing, patient privacy, treatment validity or effectiveness.

Texas Drug Rehabs with Proven Success

Many drug rehab center will offer ways to post a review of their facility online. It’s always good to verify a facilities track record by checking sources like Yelp.comFacebook.comBBB or reviews. Most treatment center will have some positive and negative feedback from their previous patients available on their website. Testimonials, Success Stories and a proven record of success will always help to ensure the Drug Rehab you choose are the best available.
Drug Rehab Facilities

PPO insurance Texas Drug Rehabs

Texas drug rehabs Center are fully covered with insurance. Most substance abuse or dual diagnosis facilities accept private PPO insurance and offer to finance for those without insurance coverage for rehab. If you are considering drug rehab options in Texas, please contact us for a no-cost assessment to determine drug rehab availability and begin your approval process.

Texas drug rehabs including Fully detox

For many drug users, the addiction can be so severe that a medical detox is recommended to ensure there are no complications while coming off the drugs. For someone abusing drugs like heroin, opiates, pain pills, benzodiazepines or alcohol, the standard detox period is 3-7 days. During this drug detox phase, the medical staff at participating Texas drug rehabs will monitor you and provide support for the drug withdrawal symptoms.

Drug and alcohol withdrawal symptoms include – From Web MD

  • Nausea or Vomiting
  • Sweats or Shakes
  • Confusion
  • Hallucinations or delusions
  • Delirium Tremens (DT’s)
  • Seizures
**Coming off drugs cold turkey from home can be dangerous and lead to medical complications. Please contact the Texas Drug Rehabs Helpline if you or a loved one is in need of help**

Contact our Texas center today for more information on our treatment programs.


I just wanted to contact you and tell you thank you so much for the help you gave me in handling my sister and her Methamphetamine addiction. After she was arrested in Dallas we were so scared that she would go to prison. No one would help. After Texas Drug Rehab getting her into treatment, she was able to get custody of her daughter again and has been sober for 7 years! We just can’t thank you enough.
I would like to give a shout out to Texas Drug Rehabs for giving me a second chance at life. I was addicted to a variety of drugs and then I made a call to Texas Drug Rehabs. Now i have 13 years of sobriety and a healthy marriage of 9 years.
I owe Texas drug rehabs a big thank you for the awesome work they have done with my son James he has come such a long way, he has been clean now for over 2 years, he has been on a long path and gone down the path of success, you guys rock, this is been on my mind and I wanted to let you know, if you’re ever struggling with addiction contact Texas drug rehabs they saved my son’s life he was a 19-year-old heroin addict.
I have J.P. in my office and he wanted to let you know that he is graduating tomorrow and will be going home! He wanted me to tell you that he really appreciates what you and Treatment Solutions did for him. That the program really helped him alot. More than what he ever imagined. He wants to say: “Thank you for your help and god bless you.” He is going back to Texas and is doing wonderful! Thank you for all your help and here is to another Successful Graduate of our Treatment Program thanks to Treatment Solutions. Keep up the good work and keep saving lives!
Ms. Jones
I was looking for treatment for my brother, I didn’t know where to turn, I felt lonely, confused, and very scared, he had become an opiate addict, I reached out and somehow or another found Texas drug rehabs, I will be forever grateful for their help. I was honestly so lost in this process before I spoke with them. I will never be able to express how grateful our family is, they help save my brother’s life!

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