The Best Insurance For Drug Rehab

If you are in need of a Texas Drug Rehab, you are probably wondering “How to use insurance for Rehab”? In fact, many Texas Drug Rehabs that don’t accept insurance cost upwards of $15,000 per month with some even reaching over $50,000 per month. Using Insurance for Rehab can be a way to save yourself a lot of money in out of pocket costs for your inpatient drug and alcohol treatment or drug detox needs.

Types of Insurance for Rehab

Many who are looking for a long-term rehab or drug and alcohol detox quickly find out that using your insurance for rehab isn’t always possible. Policies through medicare typically have minimal options and exclude a lot of long-term rehab facilities. There are also issues finding the best Texas Drug Rehabs if you have an HMO insurance plan. HMO insurance limits your coverage to participating In-Network facilities and usually results in fewer options being available for someone seeking the rehab of their choice. The best insurance for nationwide drug rehab coverage is what they call PPO insurance. A PPO policy will allow the policyholder to attend Out of Network drug rehab locations and could cover both Texas Drug Rehabs or Out of State Drug rehabs.

Usually, the best plan if wanting to use your insurance for rehab is to have a drug rehab adviser check your policy details and determine your coverage. This way you can know what to expect when trying to find the best Texas Drug rehab for your situation.

Normal Out of Pocket Costs for rehab

Deductible – Your deductible is an amount that you agree to pay out of pocket for using your insurance policy. Typically the deductible varies depending on your choice to use an IN-Network versus Out of Network facility. An In-Network facility usually involves paying a lower deductible. With some PPO insurance policies purchased recently, deductibles for Out of Network Texas Drug Rehabs has been reported as high as $15,000 per year. If you have a high deductible and need to get the best coverage for rehab, please contact us. We can help you find potential scholarship programs or other ways to reduce yours out of pocket costs.

Out Of Pocket Percentage (OOP) – Out of pocket costs typically turn out to be a percentage of the bill. Some of the better insurance plans will pay out at 100%, but it is much more common for newer policies to pay out at a 50%-60% rate. The good news is, a lot of Texas Drug Rehabs will still be able to work with you without having to charge you thousands of dollars. To find out if you have 100% coverage, please contact us for an insurance review.

Travel Costs for Rehab
– Unfortunately, travel costs for rehab is not able to be billed through your insurance. Drug rehab locations normally aren’t able to purchase your plane ticket. Many charities or support groups online are available to apply for travel vouchers for drug rehab, if you need to go to rehab but can’t afford travel; please let our helpline agent know so we can discuss your options.

Spending Money on Rehab – Most of the Texas Drug Rehabs we will recommend for you are all-inclusive programs. Individuals who use their insurance for rehab would usually not have to spend additional funds out of pocket for basic needs like accommodations or food. However, in some drug rehab locations, spending money for food and incidentals will be required. If you are considering enrolling in a drug rehab program, remember to ask what is included in the costs or if insurance for rehab covers it all.

No Insurance for Rehab – Some individual plans do not offer insurance for rehab or may even exclude coverage for substance abuse. These types of coverage will not allow you to use insurance for rehab. If your policy excludes coverage for substance abuse, you may find yourself in a situation where you have to pay out of pocket for your entire treatment stay. Please call our hotline to determine if you can use your insurance for rehab. Financing or fundraising could be available to assist you in your rehab expenses. helpline team is experienced in reviewing your insurance for rehab benefits and can help you get a drug and alcohol detox or rehab immediately.

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