Difference Between HMO and PPO Insurance for Drug Rehab

PPO insurance for drug rehab

                                               PPO Insurance for Drug Rehab

Did you know, that the difference between an HMO and PPO insurance, in covering drug treatment centers in Texas, is the ability to choose your own destination for treatment? HMO policies that are often requiring people to go In-Network have much fewer options than the Nationwide network of PPO drug rehab locations.

If searching for Alcohol Rehab in San Antonio,  much better selections are available when using a PPO insurance plan. Insurance Companies prefer treatment centers go In-Network to force lower rates and easier patient approval processes. Most insurance companies prefer the patient attend In-Network Rehab because they have already agreed upon lower payout rates. This fact is why the list of In-Network facilities is much smaller than whats available nationwide. Some of the top drug treatment centers in Texas accept Out of Network only. PPO insurance policies provide the most options for those seeking drug treatment centers in Texas because they can include Out of Network Providers.

Drug treatment centers in Texas      

1) Alcohol rehab Texas – This treatment option is for alcoholics, daily drinkers, binge drinkers or anyone who must stop drinking due to health concerns. While you can find alcohol rehab Texas options with both HMO and PPO insurance, the best Alcohol rehab Texas has to offer is going to be Out of Network and require PPO insurance.

2) Drug rehab Houston   – Drug rehab in Houston can cover both drug detox and long-term treatment needs.  Most addicts are recommended up to 90 days of treatment. If you are looking for drug rehab Houston with an HMO policy, you may find that they have a waiting list or only short-term opportunities. Long-term Drug rehab Houston that includes detox is most accessible when using PPO insurance.

3) Alcohol rehab San Antonio  – If you were to try to find an alcohol rehab San Antonio using an HMO insurance policy, you would find that there aren’t many options. Sometimes it is easier to go out of state with an HMO plan than it is to remain in the state. With PPO insurance you can be guaranteed more options, and locations, for your rehabilitation experience.

Educate yourself about your insurance

Before searching for drug treatment centers in Texas, get familiar with your insurance plan and policy details.

Key factors in each policy include

a) Deductible – Your deductible is an amount you will be required to pay each calendar year. Deductible costs for rehab are typically less using an HMO policy versus PPO. However, there are hundreds of rehabilitation centers throughout America that provide Drug Rehab with no out of pocket cost,

b) Out of Pocket Rates – OOP or Out of Pocket Rates vary for each insurance policy. Usually, if attending drug treatment centers in Texas, your OOP rate could be up to 20% of the total rehab costs. It is always wise, if considering making the investment of drug rehab, to consult with an expert regarding your insurance benefits to make sure the best coverage is provided.

c) In Network Coverage – Low deductibles on most IN Network locations. While there may not be as many options, In-Network coverage for major providers such as BCBS does allow the member to leave the state for rehab.

d) Out of Network coverage – Out of Network coverage is the best option to request on your insurance plan. This means you can choose your treatment provider, even if Out of Network, as long as insurance is accepted. However, deductibles on this type of policy are typically higher, so please make sure when purchasing your insurance you keep the deductible at an affordable rate.

Remember before attending Texas Drug rehabs, drug treatment centers in Texas, alcohol rehab Texas, drug rehab Houston, alcohol rehab San Antonio or any nationwide drug rehab that accepts insurance, please seek a professional opinion on your insurance plan.

And if you are considering purchasing insurance, always buy the type of policy that will keep your long-term treatments down.

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