Why consider a Texas Alcohol Detox and Rehab?

According to the Texas Department of Transportation statistics from 2016 DUI fatalities

638 DUI Drivers – killed

143 Passengers of DUI Driver’s car – killed

149 passengers of other cars – killed

56 pedestrians and cyclists – killed

1 other – killed

2016 Total DUI Fatalities

987 – killed

Not only can driving under the influence be a danger to your life but often the alcohol addiction claims other casualties. Many addicts family members, friends or loved ones may have already been affected by the addiction because alcoholism, and daily drinking can cause so many side effects and unwanted circumstances. The goal of a Texas Alcohol Detox and Rehab is not only to help someone get detoxed from alcohol and sober but to help them learn the tools needed long-term to maintain a healthy lifestyle and sobriety from alcohol.

Texas Alcohol Detox and Rehab

Many addicts may fear to go through a detox or rehab due to the withdrawal symptoms encountered during alcohol detox. For an alcoholic or daily drinker, severe symptoms such as sweats, shaking or even delirium tremens (DTs) may take place causing extreme discomfort or medical concern. These severe symptoms are why an alcohol detox should be done at a licensed facility that is equipped to treat any issues that arise. For most drinkers the medical detox lasts roughly three days, for some, it can last up to a week. Once the medical Detox is complete the substance abuse program or inpatient drug rehab will begin, usually lasting 30-90 days depending on the clinician’s recommendations. It is possible to select a Texas Alcohol Detox and Rehab that offers all of these services under one treatment rather than seeking just the short term alcohol detox by itself. For most alcoholics, the longer they can stay sober before they return home, the less likely it is for relapse to occur.

Texas Alcohol Detox and Rehab Eligibility

Texas Alcohol Detox – For someone needing to clean out or that is going through intense alcohol withdrawal, a Texas Alcohol Detox is recommended. The detox location will medically supervise you and monitor you for any severe symptoms. Aids for sleep, anxiety or other symptoms could be used. Alcohol rehab will likely be recommended for most alcohol addicts.

Texas Alcohol Detox and Rehab – For someone needing a long-term rehabilitation to stop drinking or break their alcoholism, choosing a texas alcohol detox and rehab is the best course of action. By attending a long-term alcohol rehab, the treatment team will get time to work with you on your addictions, triggers, past traumas or any other unwanted symptom that is bringing negativity to your life right now. By attending a long-term texas rehab, you can usually have the alcohol detox covered as part of your stay. To find out locations that offer full alcohol detox and rehab treatments, please contact us.

Legal Troubles and rehab

Alcoholism can not only affect your health long term but can cause many issues in the present. With some states carrying such heavy DUI penalties and drunk in public penalties that even one infraction can get you jail time and enormous fines. If you or a loved one is facing court or legal troubles due to drinking or alcoholism, please let us know. For many addicts, you’ll have to complete a full inpatient rehab to end this cycle of addiction and heal for good. If you are worried about upcoming court charges or probation, we will try to advise you on the best solution.

Texas Alcohol Detox and Rehab Covered by insurance

If you need to go to an alcohol detox or rehab but don’t know what your insurance will cover, please contact us at Texas Drug Rehabs. The most common insurance plans used for rehab are HMO, PPO or Medicare.

*For options with Medicare-funded alcohol detox and rehab please go to Samhsa.gov for listings.*

HMO insurance Alcohol detox and rehab – HMO policies will usually cover both an alcohol detox and substance abuse rehab for up to 90 days. A participating HMO rehab location will be able to assess you and review your insurance to determine your best benefits. Usually, and HMO policy will provide In-Network coverage so you can attend rehab at little to no out of pocket cost.

PPO Insurance Alcohol detox and Rehab – PPO policies will cover long-term rehab and even some post-rehab options. For those wanting to travel to a different state for treatment, a PPO policy will afford you the most options by normally granting out of network coverage. If you want more information about your PPO plan, please call us.

For the most current listings of Texas Alcohol Detox and Rehab locations please contact our Texas Rehabs Hotline or submit your inquiry online.

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